Hot Night In The City

19 Jul

Union Depot-1

I’m a hot person. No really…I am. I’m hot, baby! Ok, maybe not in the handsome, sexy, rugged type of way like Tom Selleck and George Clooney among others (yes, I know this dates me sharing these names with any of you “youngsters” reading this and I’m secure enough in my manhood that I can say that about men). Fortunately, my wife would say I’m very handsome….I think… 🤔

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Sometimes It’s A Stumble In The Park

26 Jun

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge Buck Lake-1

Jiminy Crickets! Whadda’ evening!

I was on my way to Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge in Sherburne County last Saturday evening.

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge

Now….I don’t have the greatest capacity for long-term memories but for some reason I remembered the last time I was in that refuge. Years ago, my wife, sister, mother and I went to one of the trails there called Mahnomen Trail. A chuckle or three (and I confess – soon followed by laughter) started to rise out of my throat as I reminisced our short visit there.

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Be Open But Be Yourself

17 Jun

Dreamy Flower-1(This posting is applicable to all creatives even though I’m writing from a photographer’s viewpoint)

Photography can be a little intimidating if you put your images out there. Everyone has an opinion. Heck, I have opinions. And let me tell you, my opinions can sometimes hurt….myself that is.

“We are are own worst critics”.

“We have met the enemy and the enemy is us” (Taken a bit of out context from Walt Kelly’s classic Pogo comic strip. Walt himself took it and slightly rephrased it from a quote by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry)

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Memories On French Hills Farm

7 Jun

Memories On The Farm-1

Piece by piece, sometimes in bulk groupings, items were sold off at an auction on a farm. I talked to the daughter of the deceased who was selling the farm. She seemed to me a person strong and gentle at the same time in her character. But there were hints of sadness emanating Click here to keep reading

In The Wee Small Hours

20 May

Star Trails At The Tombolo-1

“In the wee small hours of the morning, while the whole wide world is fast asleep..”                                                                             In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning/Music by David Mann/Lyrics by Bob Hilliard

I’m a loner.

Don’t get me wrong…I like people. I love hanging with friends. I love those we are privileged to call more than a friend.

For instance, my wife is more than a friend. While I’ve been called many things by my wife that are not flattering and of my own doing, she calls me more than a friend. I’ve not had many over my years on this earth but I have had a few friends that “stick closer than a brother” as the writer of Proverbs talks about. Hopefully you have that kind of a friend. We all need them.

But…I’m also a loner. I like being alone. Partly, it is ingrained from my father. He was a people person but he prized his times alone as well. I can imagine him saying, “solitude is a restorative for the soul”. Partly, it is the result of my years growing up. Chubby, glasses, a hearing loss and speech impediment garnered me more than a few bullies and not very many friends within the four walls known as school. Partly, it is just who I am.

Some of us are wired to be around people, perhaps all the time. Not so for me. I’m wired with a need to withdraw from the human populace at various times…at least as much as I can. With all our technology today, it’s difficult to truly be alone. Technology is amazing and I embrace it fully. But it comes with a cost. How much of a cost depends on how addicted we are to our technology.

The lyrics above came to mind as I was captioning this featured image evoking tranquility in the loneliness. The song is a standard for loneliness and introspection among other things. Behind the scenes of this image, I stood alone and an introspective figure on the shore of Lake Superior. Nothing clamored for my attention as I looked up into the infinite vastness of the stars. My mind simply took in the view and marveled. The rhythmic dance of the waves hitting the rocks was the only sound I heard. The wind blew steadily and with a slight chill. I zipped up my jacket, pulled my hood up and counted myself blessed. Blessed with people in my life. Blessed to be alone in the wee small hours of the morning while the world slept.

Comments/thoughts are always welcome. Feel free to post below in the comments section. Thanks for allowing me to share with you  “images from a quiet world”.

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In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning


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