A Photographer And His/Her Work

16 Sep

Art Crawl 8x10 prints-3

Hello again! Life sure moves along. With a full-time job and other commitments as well as all things photography that I continue to pursue, things got a bit behind more than I’d like in posting a blog. It is always my intent to share a blog at least every other week. Thank you for your grace when that doesn’t happen. I do not take this for granted and I really appreciate your support by following this.

This image is one of my pieces that will be showcased and offered for sale at the upcoming St Paul Art Crawl October 12-14.  Four other very talented photographers along with myself will be featured at the St Paul Library among other venues also hosting the Art Crawl. This was taken during a snow storm on Hennepin Avenue Bridge in downtown Minneapolis.

I wanted to touch on something a little different than what I would normally write about. Before I decided to pursue photography as more than just a hobby, I sometimes would wonder why creatives price their art the way they do when I saw their work. I can only speak for myself but I assume that some of what I share here might be similar for those that sell their photographic work.

I spend as much time as I can pursuing my craft. I have to hold down a full-time job to pay the bills so my photography endeavors happen before/after work and on my days off.

Some of that time is in the field. For me, gas cost is certainly part of the equation as some of my pursuits can send me hours one way. I always spend signficant time when I’m at a location. Getting to the location on foot may be easy or it may be hard. While I’m enjoying being in the moment, I’m also intentional about seeking out potential photo ops. Some days I find quite a bit of inspiration. Some days all I have to show is “I got my exercise in”. But those days where I did not find something to photograph still cost me time and money like any other self employed occupation. It is not unusual for me to spend a whole day on my days off looking for images that speak to me and, hopefully, to you as well.

Some of that time is in the “office”. This is not the blog for discussing in detail the difference between RAW and JPEG; but simply put, Raw almost always requires editing “after the fact” in an external editing software. JPEG does the editing in-camera when the image is taken. This is true no matter what you shoot with in the digital spectrum: DSLRs, point and shoots, phones, etc.

I shoot in RAW so there is almost always editing that needs to happen after images are offloaded from camera to computer. We try the best we can to get the image represented correctly in-camera. Once in a while, for me, it happens to be represented exactly the way I want straight out of the camera. Most often, and I suspect this is true for most photographers who shoot RAW like myself, we need to take the image into an editing software on our computers and bring it back to what we saw. That could be an exact as possible representation of the scene shot which is what I mainly do. It could be an artistic vision or interpretation of a scene which others might choose to do. Neither avenue is better than the other for me personally. It is all about what the photographer is trying to portray with his/her image.

Once the image is what I want it to be, then comes the work of uploading it to my SmugMug website and organizing it into the best presentation possible.  Along with that comes the postings on social media for exposure, the blog pieces I write, etc.

Printing is another expense both in time and money for me. I hope to be printing more of my own prints someday. But there will always be a need for printing labs for certain types of prints. They have to make their money and we as photographers have to factor that into the cost of our prints as well when we sell our images. I researched the different printer labs offered with my SmugMug website for orders and have chosen the one that most works for me and offers a good bang for the buck.

This is an extremely limited look at what is my workflow is like as a photographer from start to finish. There are many other steps that I have not covered here that depend on what I want to do with the image.

I hope this gives you some helpful insight into the reasoning for pricing when you see photographic artwork and wonder why the price is what it is. Rest assured, a lot of time, effort and expense goes into creating the finished product.

I want to end this blog with a footnote….I would be more than happy to work with you if there are print(s) you’d like to order for your home or professional environment. I chose from the options given what I thought was the best printer lab for my SmugMug website if an order is placed there. However, there are other options I can look into for you as well outside of my SmugMug website. I prefer to use local printer labs whenever possible. I like to support our local art community and all the businesses that work for the local art community. Please feel free to contact me regarding those other options if you want to know what they are before placing an order.

Comments/thoughts are always welcome regarding the blog and/or image posted here. Feel free to share them below in the comments section. Thanks for allowing me to share with you “images from a quiet world”.

Interested in this image for your home/professional environment? Clicking the link below will take you directly to the gallery page where you can order it.

Beer For A Winter Night

4 Responses to “A Photographer And His/Her Work”

  1. Penelope Hadeen September 16, 2018 at 10:11 pm #

    Nice blog honey. Well dated and thoughtful. Xoxo

    Thank you, Penelope Hadeen Sent from my iPhone



    • Steve Hadeen September 19, 2018 at 9:48 pm #

      Thanks! I’m assuming you meant “stated”. It certainly opened my eyes when I realized all that goes into it.


  2. Sue (Mac's Girl) September 19, 2018 at 8:03 am #

    Interesting post and great image, Steve!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Steve Hadeen September 19, 2018 at 9:46 pm #

      Thanks Sue! Just hoped to open people’s eyes a bit as mine were when I first started realizing what all really goes on in the whole process.

      Liked by 1 person

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