Hot Night In The City

19 Jul

Union Depot-1

I’m a hot person. No really…I am. I’m hot, baby! Ok, maybe not in the handsome, sexy, rugged type of way like Tom Selleck and George Clooney among others (yes, I know this dates me sharing these names with any of you “youngsters” reading this and I’m secure enough in my manhood that I can say that about men). Fortunately, my wife would say I’m very handsome….I think… 🤔

By hot, I mean I radiate heat. Have you ever seen ripples in the air from heat rising off the streets on a hot day? That’s me. Here’s a typical scenario during the warmer months. I walk into my house and the central air kicks on from the blast of heat I bring. As I walk past the windows, the collision of the cold air from the central air and the heat pulsating off my body causes the windows to condense. When I have to do a number two in the bathroom, my wife knows I’m done and it is available for her to use by the slamming of the toilet seat as gravity separates the heat suction between me and the toilet seat.

During the colder months, my wife uses me as her personal heating pad for her feet, hands and nose. I’m sure she’d use me as a warming blanket while she sleeps during the night were it not for the fact I’d slowly meld her into our 10 inch memory foam mattress and suffocate her. Speaking of condensation from the previous paragraph, I’m a human shower in all seasons. If it’s -50 outside, I’m watering the inside of my parka. I keep vegetable seeds in my inside parka pockets. As I heat up, I start to water them. Within a couple hours they have sprouted and grown. I have fresh and healthy snacks (and cheaper than store produce!) to munch on while I’m hiking the pristine winter wonderland of our many state parks. Inside the hat on my head, the moisture builds up, trapped in place by the secure fitting. If I remove it, a tidal wave roars down my face and freezes seconds later into fantastic ice sculptures off my nose and beard.

It could be worse. Some people, like my Grandma when she was alive, don’t sweat. That can make people miserable and can lead to serious conditions such as heat stroke. I’ll take the cooling mechanism known as sweating anytime…anywhere…anyplace…even if it embarrasses me a bit sometimes.

Hot, muggy nights. Nights when the air is thick with humidity. Nights when walking takes on a slower gait. Nights when standing still produces as much precipitation as walking does. It was such a night when I took the image featured above. I had been strolling the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul and stopped at the historic Union Depot to look for photographic opportunities.

Lowertown St Paul MN

Lowertown St Paul MN 2

This image was taken in front of the Union Depot entrance between the columns and the head house. As I was ascending the stairs inside the depot, I stopped at one point to look out one of the old barred windows. I saw what looked like neo-classical architecture that was part of the head house and knew I had found such a photographic opportunity. I quickly headed back down the stairs, walked out the front doors of the head house and set up my gear.

Union Depot St Paul MN

Head house

As I began to experiment with various compostions, the heat and humidity slipped to the wayside in my excitement to compose an image. I noticed the purple colors from some of the interior lights streaming through the glass of the imposing entry doors onto the building, floor and columns. I wanted to capitalize on the intermingling of the shadows with the three light sources (the light from the two windows at the end, the light from the facade ceiling lights of the head house not seen in this image and the purple from the interior lights). I moved quickly to set up and frame the shot. I’ve lost photo opportunities in the past due to the quickly changing nature of light and shadow and I had no idea how long this particular scene would persist. I ended up with several compositions of this scene. Later on, I would peruse the images on my computer and end up choosing this particular image as my favorite taken at Union Depot. But back in the moment, I packed up my gear, slung my backpack on and began a slow gait into that hot night in the city in pursuit of my next photographic opportunity.

Comments/thoughts are always welcome regarding the blog and/or image posted here. Feel free to share them below in the comments section. Thanks for allowing me to share with you “images from a quiet world”.

Interested in this image for your home/professional environment? Clicking the link below will take you directly to the gallery page where you can order it.

Union Depot St Paul MN

2 Responses to “Hot Night In The City”

  1. Penelope Hadeen July 19, 2018 at 2:00 pm #

    You, my husband, are a funny sweaty man! And no he’s not quite as bad as he proclaims, but he does sweat more than anyone else I know! Love him anyways!

    Liked by 1 person

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