Winter Is Here 😒….Winter Is Here 😀

23 Nov

Winter Snow -1

It’s that time of year again. It goes without saying in my family (How ironic! I’m going to say it!)….I HATE shoveling. Click here to keep reading

The Silver Lining

13 Nov

“Every cloud has a silver lining”. There are many variations on that theme. Here’s a few from one source among thousands (hundreds of thousands?) you can find in the wild frontier of data known as the World Wide Web….

Click here to read more

Never Far

5 Nov

Photography is really about patience. Waiting for that moment when it all comes together. When an image becomes more than just a random capture and becomes an image evoking a theme, an emotion, a physical connection.  Click here to read more!

The Hike That Almost Wasn’t

20 Oct

A couple weekends ago I headed up to one of my favorite state parks – one which I explored the first time in the dark…in the dead of winter. Who in their right mind can claim a favorite park based on such a first visit? Well…..yours truly can!  click here to read more

What To Do?

25 Sep

I took a trip to Moose Lake State Park this past weekend located in Moose Lake, MN. I’d never been there and wanted to see what landscape treasures it held. I should have been alerted when I talked to the ranger there. I said I was a photographer and was wondering what might be some great trails to start hiking in search of aforementioned treasures. His response? Click here to find out what his response was!

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